Brisbane wealth management integration business, Wealth Management Matters, Brisbane, are integrated financial planning partners for accountants, so accounting firms can operate as financial planners in Brisbane.


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WCA Wealth Management

As a trusted financial advice specialist, autonomy, independence and integrity are the cornerstones on which we believe financial advice should be based.
Our simple investment philosophy is built around helping clients work towards the ability to produce more income than they require on an annual basis to live; and to ensure the wealth and capital they create through this process over time is protected.
In a financial world driven by large institutions and their hunger for profits and commissions, it is important to us that we provide another option for our clients who are seeking more independent advice on a fee-for-service basis. WMM allows us the freedom to provide that advice to our clients in a non-institutionally aligned way, whereby our predominant focus is always on our clients financial needs, goals and aspirations.
WMM also affords the autonomy and freedom to negotiate directly with financial service providers to ensure the best possible deal for our clients financially, which is imperative to us.
Our relationship with WMM’s Director James McCowan has always been excellent. James’s experience as both a Practice Development Manager and a Responsible Manager for Financial Licensees has ensured James understands what it is our clients are looking for.
It is this understanding that has made our transition to WMM such a smooth one, and in turn has allowed us to remain focused on our core business which is providing quality tailored advice services to our clients.

Tony Bazzana, Principal
WCA Wealth Management

Wealth & Security Planners

James McCowan is a hard-working, capable manager with a huge scope of experience across the Australian financial planning market. In my experience, there are few people in financial planning management capable of combining hard-headed process due diligence with the soft management skills required in our industry. James McCowan has that capacity, and I recommend his services wholeheartedly and unreservedly.
Business development has taken a back-seat to compliance and process management for most financial planning practises over the past few years, as our industry has faced continual upheaval and change. Breaking through that morass of bureaucracy for true efficiency and profitability gains while meeting or exceeding compliance KPI’s is the true ‘name of the game’ for financial planners today. James’ mix of business and people skills make him ideally placed to provide the sort of support that can energise and prod planners to step above the crowd and push our industry ahead.
My business has utilised James’ skills in the past and I am certain that any financial practise would benefit in securing his services.

Michael O’Hara CFP
Director, Wealth & Security Planners

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